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Videogames localization

We’ve played Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales and we’re amazed with it’s Spanish adaptation.

The magic grows thanks to the amazing localization to Castilian Spanish of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. We can finally say out loud that a game of the franchise is translated and dubbed into our language. And in a great way! The actors bring life to the different characters in a spectacular way, giving strength to every action of the protagonists


Translation and culturization

We localize dialogues and text on screen to adapt it to the language and culture of each audience.

All the actors

Access to any actor or director on the market.

Post-production and Mastering

File cleaning, leveling, mixing and processing. As-recorded script.

Videogame dubbing

Voice recordings into many languages in every type of syncro (time restriction, sound-sync, lipsync)

Excellent sound quality

Recording booths with the best acoustic treatments to ensure a professional sound for your project.

We offer a full localization service

Only experts take part in every step of the process

What do they say about us?

Our localization has an overwhelming reception from the press and players.

This is shown in the reviews that we were able to gather of some of the games we have localized:

Just like the previous (name of the game) games, it is impleccably dubbed, with profesional voices that bring life to the dialogues.

It also has a great dubbing, which makes it easier to learn the mechanics and rules of the game. The effects are well done, making the immersion into the world even greater.

Regarding the sound, it should be noted that a great job of dubbing into Spanish has been done, and that the sound effects and music are at a good level"

Once again, the Spanish dubbing excels like everything exclusive from Sony


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