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Who we are

DLM International is a company specialized in localization, translation and dubbing of entertainment software, advertising, series and movies for SVOD, TV and cinema, with over 20 years of experience.

Years of experience
We have localized, dubbed and subtitled thousands of successful products.
By offering a great variety of services, from translation to audio, videos and post production, we are able to achieve our main objectives:
Our own studios

We have our own professional recording studios.

Our main office is located in Madrid in a three-storage building, where you’ll find three recording booths and postprocessing rooms, and a 5.1 mixing room equipped with the latest technology required to complete all our projects.
Some of our clients


Our team of experienced professionals will take care of your project from beginning to end.


A team of insatiable perfectionists with many years of experience who are fully committed with the final product.


Multidisciplinary team focused on efficiency. They’ll look over the project at every stage of the process.


Our professionals don’t only translate text, they make sure that the original experience is kept throughout all the languages.

Project managers

Efficient and committed to your priorities.

They adapt to your project needs and deadlines.


We offer you the best sound quality
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Years of experience