videogames localization

Translation Services

All our translators and proofreaders have at least 5 years experience translating videogames. Most have more than 9 years experience.

Our translations are carried out by games specialists in any format (.html, .xml, .xls, .doc, .txt, etc.) and rigorously respect official hardware and software glossaries (Microsoft, Nintendo, etc.)

We work with the necessary specialists to offer complete re-adaptations for culture-sensitive products.

We have experience translating and creating extensive hardware and software glossaries.

Our translators have the necessary experience to work directly with special subtitling software.

Most of the videogames we dub are translated by us, which means we first have it translated, proofread and then adapted by a specialist, usually the artistic director, to be fully adapted for recording purposes (dialogue quality, lipsynch requirements, etc.)

In the event we are provided with scripts not translated by us, we provide Spanish review and script doctoring services prior to recordings to assure the best quality.


Official proofreading for Disney titles

Translation of official Xbox glossary for MS

Translation of official Dreamcast glossary for Sega

Full adaptation for TV show based games such as “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

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